You have been referred by your GP into the MSK (musculoskeletal) Clinical Assessment and treatment service (CATS) in Derby City. 

Cavendish Health Provider Ltd was established in 2010 by Lister House Surgery and Village Street Surgery in Derby, to enable the provision of enhanced services to patients in a primary care setting.

This service:

  • Assesses your condition
  • Starts your treatment
  • Provides seamless transfer for further treatment

How does the new service work?

When you come to see us our highly skilled physiotherapists, supported by an experienced GP, aim to start treatment straight away.

Treatment may range from Physiotherapy to self-help plans and exercises, and we will sometimes use joint injections to ease symptoms.

The service may then provide you with a follow-up appointment to check your progress and perform further treatment.

This service operates from:

  • MSK CATS, Pear Tree Street, Derby DE23 8PL


  • MSK CATS, Lister House at Coleman Street, Coleman Street Health Centre DE24 8NH

These are examples of conditions that we can treat:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Hip problems
  • Knee problems
  • Joint problems
  • Tennis elbow
  • Cartilage damage
  • Spinal problems
  • Ligament damage

Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

If you need ongoing treatment we will provide you with your own personalised care plan.